In the flat building which I was living for many years my antenna setup was way better. I worked many DXCC countries with my Cushcraft A4S with dipole for 40 meter. Also a VHF/UHF dipole and a VHF beam for DX.

ant pierre 2

ant pierre 3

Here my simple but very well working ECO multiband dipole. 1 dipole for 80/40 and 1 dipole for 20/15/10 meter on the same balun

ant pierre 11

Heredown my Drake line. What a nice radio units! Also some FT-101, FT-901

Pierre schouten shack1

Pierre schouten shack2

Pierre schouten shack3

Pierre schouten shack4

Pierre schouten shack5

Pierre schouten shack6

Ofcours I tried this major good radio Kenwood TS-850s with the SW-2100 

Pierre Schouten shack8

Later on I tried the TS-870s but also I tried the Kenwood TS-950SDX. What a nice toy !

ts950sdx front

Then we compared the Kenwood TS-870 with a TS-590s

IMG 2837

For a long time I used the Yaesu FTDX-9000D. That is heaven! But when I compared it to the FT-5000 the 5000 is quite good also!

IMG 2766

Always I buy these old radio units back like the TS-530


TS530 Pierre Afbeelding 001

Some testing with Icom :

IMG 2739

Everybody makes mistakes : I tried a FT-757GX2. ..... pffff what a.....

ft757 1

Also I had the tuner. Not much better.....

fc757at 2

This vintage tuner from Yaesu is way way better !

FC102 front

I tried a lot of Digital modes with home made interfaces and I tried a lot of commercial units like AEA- PK-232 and Tono

tono550 front

tono777 front

TNC2S front

When I was not licenced I tried many many receivers like Kenwood TS-599 Custom Special, R-600, R-1000, R-5000 but for that time NRD produced nice receivers like NRD-515,525 and 535. I tried them all! Also the units from AOR 5000 and AOR 3000

IMG 2139