I really like to send and receive QSL cards.

I do NOT have a connection with any QSL buro so I can only send and receive direct cards. There is no need to send me dollars or IRC coupons.

You pay your postage and I will buy the return stamps myself. Please enclose a self adressed return envelop.

My adress is :

Pierre Schouten
Charley Tooropsingel 146
3059 WH  Rotterdam
The Netherlands


Some nice examples of received cards : 


QSL yo3dlk

QSL xq4zw

QSL ei6al


QSL iz3esv

QSL k9pl

QSL n0cwr

QSL st0rm

QSL va3jff

QSL xu7adi

PA7DX for qrz

1 qsl front pi4dx v6