Heredown some impression of my radio units and antenna setup. I have been switching a lot between all kinds of transceivers. Checkout the PD4JP in this menu to see a lot of my old examples.

Today I have this running and I am quite satisfied. 




Yaesu  FT-2000 HF, Kenwood TS-711 VHF, Kenwood TS-811 UHF, W2IHY Equalizer, Kenwood SW-2000 power/swr meter, Heil microphone 3 HPIM0461

Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V HF, Yaesu FT-990 HF (used on holiday remote location), Heil microphone

2 HPIM0460

4 HPIM0462

Some vintage receiver

6 HPIM0467

shack pd0cq rx sony

Antenne dipole with JC-4 antenna tuner from Stockcorner, In the corner small VHF/UHF Diamond X-50

ant2 dipole pd0cq


ant dipole pd0cq

20181217 195647 resized

My homebreq 1:1 balun mounted after the JC-4 tuner to the balanced line:




Final results : 2 pieces of FT-240-43 ferite in a box and some glue: (design from

balun4 final

balun schematic

Homebrew control box to control my JC-3 and JC-4 tuner :

double jc4 box front

double jc4 box back

My JC-4 tuner from Stockcorner is mounted outside below my dipole antenna.

JC 4 total

Inside down board :

jc 4 1 down total

Upper board :

jc 4 14 up total

Before my external tuners I used these types (some kind of dummy loads)

Tuners before stockcorner